Well-defined personal research projects at hourly rates,

         Multi-generation ancestry determination
         Descendant tracing
         Batch record lookups/abstracts/transcriptions
         Special projects

 Eight-hour minimum

 Work begins after completion of a written agreement and receipt
 of a 50% deposit and provision for any significant expenses

 Payment by check or money order to Ruy A. Cardoso within
 two weeks of project completion
Detail of record showing sale of land in Haverhill, Massachusetts, from John Emery Sr. of
Newbury to his "son" Henry Bodwell of Haverhill, appearing before a justice of the peace on 3
August 1695 but transaction not recorded until 25 June 1706, Essex County Deeds, Book 20,
page 4.  Complete record appears at
"There are a few people
today who get paid good
fees, but in general
clients, who do not balk at
paying $100 an hour to a
lawyer or $50 for a brief
visit to a doctor, seem to
feel that a person (with
two or three academic
degrees) doing genealogy
should be satisfied with
$5 an hour."

-- Eugene A. Stratton,
Applied Genealogy,
p. 7, copyright 1988 by
Ancestry Incorporated
Copyright 2016 Ruy A. Cardoso.  All rights reserved.
New England Cousins
Ruy Cardoso, Certified Genealogist (R)